Thursday, June 25, 2015

Major UtopYA Con Giveaway!

These past couple months have been CRAZY. At the beginning of May, I went to New York. Then, I was in a school musical. Next there was a combination of being sick and end of year stuff. At the end of May, I was gone from the internet for ten days on a school trip. Finally summer started. And last week, I was at the wonderful UtopYA Con in Nashville, Tennessee!

I met tons of authors, bloggers, and readers while there. There were cool panels on everything from gender stereotypes to finding a beta reader. I also collected tons and tons of swag. Enough to fill multiple tote bags. Being a blogger, I thought "I should give some of this to my readers." And so I am.

What exactly is in this ginormous swag pack? I'm glad you asked. There are bookmarks, pens, lip glosses, temporary tattoos, stickers, bracelets, post cards, buttons, magnets, and key chains! I'm also giving away a tote bag signed by all the authors UtopYA with the swag. Depending on the amount of entries, and how many repeats of things I have, I might also include a smaller swag pack.

In case you're curious exactly what this much swag looks like:

So yeah, that's a lot of swag. Below, you will find the Rafflecopter form. I've also listed a bunch of author information, so make sure to check them out! For younger readers, this swag is for YA and NA books.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Author Info:

Alivia Anders - Website Facebook

Holly Anderson - Website Goodreads Twitter Blog

Tia Bach - Website

Colette Ballard - Website Facebook Twitter

Amy A. Bartol - Website Facebook Twitter Pinterest Goodreads Tumblr

Christina Benjamin - Website 

Tammy Blackwell - Website Twitter Goodreads Facebook Tumblr

S. M. Boyce - Website Twitter Facebook

Stacey Marie Brown - Website

Susan Burdorf - Goodreads

Allie Burton - Website Twitter Facebook Wattpad Pinterest Instagram

Bryna Butler - Website  Twitter Facebook

Chris Cannon - Website Facebook Twitter

Kristina Circelli - Twitter Website 

Chanel Cleeton - Website Twitter Facebook

Elizabeth Tuttle - Website 

Katie Cook - Website

Kristie Cook - Website Twitter Facebook

Trevor H. Cooley - Website

Julia Crane - Website Facebook Twitter

Paige Crutcher - Website Twitter

Komali da Silva - Website Facebook

Erin Danzer - Website 

V.A. Dold - Website Facebook Twitter

Rebecca Donovan - Website

Megan Duke - Website Twitter

Helene Dunbar - Website Facebook Twitter

Jade Eby - Website Facebook Twitter

Stephanie Erickson - Website Facebook Twitter

Amy Evans - Website Twitter Facebook

Courtney Farrell - Website Facebook Twitter

Sherry Ficklin - Website Facebook Twitter Goodreads

Chelsea Fine - Website Facebook Twitter

C. L. Foster - Website Facebook Twitter Pinterest

Rose Garcia - Website Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram

Amber Garr - Website Twitter Facebook

Dina Given - Website Facebook Twitter

Sandy Goldsworthy - Website Facebook Twitter

Nichole Greene - Website

Chanda Hahn - Website Facebook Twitter

Benjamin Hale - Website

Rachel Harris - Website Facebook Twitter Tumblr

Teal Haviland - Website Facebook Twitter

A.G. Henley - Website Facebook Twitter

Delphina Henley - Website Facebook Goodreads Twitter Amazon

Brenda Hiatt - Website Facebook Twitter

Rachel Higginson - Website Facebook Tweet Pinterest Tumblr

Heather Hildenbrand - Website Facebook Fan Page Twitter Goodreads

Kim Holden - Website  Facebook Goodreads

Laura J. Howard - Website Facebook Twitter Pinterest

P. K. Hrezo - Website

Sheena Hutchinson - Website  Twitter Goodreads Facebook

Elizabeth Isaacs - Website Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr

Inger Iversen - Website Facebook Twitter

Angelica Jackson - Website Twitter  Facebook

Ella James - Website

Nikki Jefford - Website Facebook Twitter

Katie M. John - Website Facebook Twitter

Alexis Johnson - Goodreads

Theresa Kay - Website Facebook Twitter Instagram

Alison Kemper - Website Facebook Twitter Instagram
Venessa Kimball - Website Facebook Twitter

Candace Knoebel - Website Twitter Facebook

Kunz, C. A./ T. A. Kunz - Facebook Twitter

Kunz, C. A./ Amanda Jason - Twitter Facebook

Kassandra Kush - Website Facebook Twitter

Anna Kyss - Website Facebook Twitter Pinterest

Carlyle Labuschagne - Website Facebook Twitter Goodreads Amazon

Patti Larsen - Website

Evelyn Lederman - Website

Liz Long - Website Twitter Facebook Pinterest

Sonya Loveday - Website Facebook

Suzanna Lynn - Website Facebook Twitter

Caylie Marcoe - Website Facebook Twitter

B.L. Marsh - Website

Sharon Rose Mayes -Website Facebook Twitter Pinterest

Myra McEntire - Website Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Tumblr YouTube Goodreads

Christina Mercer - Website Facebook Twitter Pinterest

Jo Michaels - Website

Amy Miles - Website Twitter Instagram Facebook

Gracen Miller - Website Facebook Twitter

Lauren Miller - Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest

Michele G Miller - Website Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Instagram Facebook

Nooce Miller - Website Twitter

Amanda Moon - Website Twitter

James Morris - Website Twitter

JoAnna S. Morris - Website

Brandy Nacole - Website

K. C. Neal - Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest

Corinne O'Flynn - Website Amazon Goodreads Facebook

Stacey O'Neale - Twitter Facebook Pinterest Goodreads Website

Brenda Pandos - Website Facebook Twitter

Casey Peeler - Facebook Twitter

Allison Pensey - Website

C. J. Pinard - Website Facebook Twitter

Eva Pohler - Website  Facebook Twitter Pinterest

Misty Provencher - Website Goodreads Twitter

Honor Raconteur - Website Facebook Twitter

C. J. Redwine - Website Facebook Pinterest Tumblr Twitter

Diane J. Reed - Website

Cameo Renae - Website Facebook Twitter Goodreads Amazon

Nadege Richards - Website Facebook Twitter

Kelly Risser - Website Facebook Twitter Pinterest

Dan Rix - Website Goodreads Facebook Twitter

Lisa Brown Roberts - Website Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram

Bella Roccaforte - Website Facebook Twitter

Kallie Ross - Website Twitter

Mindy Ruiz - Website Twitter Facebook Instagram

Elizabeth Sharp - Website Facebook Twitter Goodreads Pintrest

B. J. Sheldon - Website Facebook Twitter Pinterest

Emily Skinner - Website Twitter

Stormy Smith - Website Facebook Twitter Pinterest

Chelsea Starling - Website Facebook Twitter Pinterest

Courtney Stevens - Website Twitter Tumblr Instagram Facebook Pinterest

Catherine Stine - Website Goodreads Facebook Twitter

Amy Leigh Strickland - Website Twitter Google+ Facebook Pinterest

Kristie Strong - Website Twitter

Heather Sunseri - Website Tumblr Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest 

Denise Grover Swank - Website

Laura Thalassa - Website Goodreads Facebook Twitter

Raine Thomas - Website Twitter Pinterest Facebook

Mary Ting - Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest

Mara Valderran - Website

Becca Vincenza - Website Facebook Twitter Amazon Goodreads

Ellie Wade - Twitter Goodreads

Rysa Walker - Website Facebook Twitter

Devri Walls - Website Twitter Facebook

Alexandrea Weis - Website Facebook Twitter

E. J. Wesley - Website  Twitter Facebook

Stacie Wilson - Website Twitter Facebook

K.D. Wood - Twitter

Morgan Wylie - Website Facebook Twitter Goodreads Amazon

Rebecca Yarros - Website Facebook Twitter

Tricia Zoeller - Website Twitter

If you've stuck with me this far, thank you. If you can, give the authors above some love. Be it adding their book on Goodreads or tagging them in tweet. I had loads of fun meeting all of them, and maybe in the future, I'll get to meet some of YOU! Next year's UtopYA is in Nashville again, and has been renamed as Utopia Con! The theme is "Fight for Your Write!" I hope to see you there!


  1. I have not actually been to a book conference before, though I desperately want to go. I'd jump all over the opportunity to go to UtopYA. It would be great to meet all of the authors I blog about and talk to. One day. :)

  2. I've never been to a book conference before but I'm dying to go to one! I'd really love to go to UtopYA or something similar because all of my favourite authors go to those and I'm dying to meet them!

  3. I've never been to a book conference before, but I've always wanted to go to BEA! :) Thank you so much for this chance!

  4. I have never been to a book conference, but I was thinking about going to one next year. I was thinking BEA, but UtopYA is a whole lot closer to where I live.


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