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Isabel is a college student and aspiring author who enjoys reading, writing and reviewing books. She is studying Anthropology and Creative Writing. She spends most of her free time either reading the newest YA releases or writing her own YA novels she hopes will one day be published! She loves paranormal YA fiction and historical romance! She also enjoys baking sweet treats, dark chocolate, and watching documentaries.

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I do take review requests, though more likely than not, I will say no. Not because I'm not interested, but simply because I do not have the time. If you have questions, contact me through Facebook or Twitter (linked on the right). I read and review YA books, historical romance, and the occasional MG. I prefer books within the paranormal, fantasy, mythology, sci-fi, or dystopian. All books reviewed I either received for an honest review or I own. I do participate in blog tours, but I am trying to limit how many I do. If you are interested in an interview or guest post, let me know!



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