Calendar of Book Releases

Welcome to the epic book release calendar! There are five main groups of books featured here. The main one is YA releases. These are in yellow, and I try to as many as I find that are traditionally published included on the calendar. Romance is purple. These are mostly historical romances, with some contemporary thrown in. The romance category is by no means complete, and mostly includes books I'm interested in and might talk about. Middle Grade is red. While not anywhere near as complete as YA, I will try to include books that either have crossover appeal, are by authors or also write YA, or are big releases. Graphic Novels are green. These will mostly be YA category books, but I wanted to make the distinction clear readers can find them easier. The last category is Adult, which is blue. There are a limited number of these books, and will mostly include authors who also write YA or adult books with YA crossover appeal. I hope this description helps. Additionally, in the upper right corner, you can select which categories you'd like to see, and turn off ones you aren't interested in. I hope you find this useful in your bookish adventures!

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