Thursday, February 27, 2014

Characterize It (8)

Welcome to Characterize It, a meme held every Thursday and hosted by The YA Book Butterfly. It's a weekly meme, each week featuring a different characteristic. Basically, each week, she'll pick a new characteristic and participating bloggers as well as herself will choose a character that fits that description. For more information, look here.

This week's theme is Wild Card - Any character! From any book! Just come up with a favorite!

Hmm... I guess I have to say Anna Whitt from Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins! If you lived in my home, you would know that I have a *slight* Wendy Higgins obsession. As in, I'll randomly go around chanting her name and people will give me crazy looks, including my parents. Anna is kind, sweet, and funny. Anna is a strong character and, luckily, has a bunch of good people in her corner for when the times comes for the final showdown. Plus, she has really good taste in guys. Kaidan is the swooniest of swoony boys. Read the books for proof.

Who's one of your favorite characters?

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