Thursday, March 6, 2014

Characterize It (9)

Welcome to Characterize It, a meme held every Thursday and hosted by The YA Book Butterfly. It's a weekly meme, each week featuring a different characteristic. Basically, each week, she'll pick a new characteristic and participating bloggers as well as herself will choose a character that fits that description. For more information, look here.

This week's theme is Farm Girl: Girl or Guy character that lives on a farm at some point...

This one's easy peasy! Cammie Morgan from the Gallhager Girls series by Ally Carter wins this prize! Cammie is anything but normal, what with going to a school for spies and all, but when she's not at school, she lives with her grandparents on their farm. We never actually meet her grandparents, but they are portrayed as loving people who simply don't know about the super-secret spy part of her family's life. Cammie has tons of funny stories to share about when she lives on her grandparents farm. Also, please note that I am in HUGE Ally Carter withdrawal. United We Spy came out in September, and the first Embassy Row book doesn't come out until 2015! *dies* Fun fact: I got to meet Ally Carter and Rachel Hawkins in 2012!

Do you know of any book characters who live on a farm?

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  1. I completely forgot that Cammie lived on a farm! (Even though I have read through those books several times!)
    Great choice :-)

    Em @