Thursday, May 1, 2014

Characterize It (17)

Welcome to Characterize It, a meme held every Thursday and hosted by The YA Book Butterfly. It's a weekly meme, each week featuring a different characteristic. Basically, each week, she'll pick a new characteristic and participating bloggers as well as herself will choose a character that fits that description. For more information, look here.

This week's theme is realistic character: best character in a realistic novel.

This is both super easy and super hard. The first character that came to mind is Eleanor from Eleanor & Park. Eleanor, unlike a lot of YA heroins, is not stereotypically beautiful. Eleanor looks like a regular teenage girl. She goes through issues that every teen goes through, as well as some issues that every teen doesn't. This book nearly made me cry and Eleanor is likable, relatable, and very much like a real teen. The other is Echo from Pushing the Limits. Echo is bleeping amazing! Echo, while strong and brave, can also be fragile and weak. It's what makes people human. I love reading from both characters' points of views. Also, I just realized that they're both red-heads...

Who do you think is the most realistic character?

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