Sunday, May 11, 2014

Characterize It (18)

Yes, I realize I forgot last week's Characterize It, so I'm adding it now!

Welcome to Characterize It, a meme held every Thursday and hosted by The YA Book Butterfly. It's a weekly meme, each week featuring a different characteristic. Basically, each week, she'll pick a new characteristic and participating bloggers as well as herself will choose a character that fits that description. For more information, look here.

This week's theme is main character is dead/undead.

In this case, the first book series that came to mind is the Soul Screamers by Rachel Vincent! One of the characters, Todd, is a reaper. He collects souls of the dead, and has for the two years since he died. His heart sometimes beats, sometimes it doesn't. He can go corporeal or incorporeal. It's his choice. Todd is an INSANELY funny character that you'll love!

Do you have any favorite undead characters? Bonus points if they're not vampires!

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