Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Top Ten Types of Books I'd Mash Together

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and The Artsy Reader Girl. I'm having trouble picking specific books, so I'm going to list different tropes/themes I'd love to combine!

1. Witches/faeries/magic and technology - the Seriously Wicked series does this well

2. Dystopian and historians - imagine someone in a dystopian world who studies the past AKA our present

3. Magical families and genealogy - I was imagining the possibilities for this in the Red Queen series

4. Dragons and literally anything - I just want more dragons; big dragons, tiny dragons, city dragons, etc

5. Mythology and characters who don't care - imagine the gods are really trying to get the main character to do something/fulfill a prophecy, and the character avoids that at every turn

6. Vampires and literally anything - I just want vampires to come back! (I say this as I'm writing a vampire novel)

7. Space and magic - think stuff along the lines of Star Wars, but more magic!

8. Contemporary and happy mental health stories - I just want stories of people living with mental health issues, not killing themselves every other book

9. Main characters and pets - I want to see the main character care for their beloved dog/cat/bird/fish

10. Ghosts and funny - stuff along the lines of Helen in My Plain Jane

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  1. OMG yes I so want characters to have pets they love and are a big part of it! That would be awesome! I also love the idea of the mythology one that would be hilarious.