Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Top Ten Hopes and Resolutions for 2021

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and The Artsy Reader Girl. This will be a mix of bookish and general life goals.

1. Read 100 books in 2021 - Should be easy to do, as I've done it previously, but still I nice number to shoot for

2. Be successful in my classes - I'm taking three classes this semester, one of which will probably be the hardest I've ever taken

3. Actually finish video games that I start - *looks at all the video games sitting unfinished in the corner*

4. Work hard in physical therapy so my feet can recover to their best - In case you didn't know, I had two surgeries this year, one on each foot, and am currently in a cast on my right foot

5. Maybe actually write some words in my novels - I haven't written non-academically in ages and I both want to and avoid thinking about it

6. Get my Covid-19 vaccine!

7. Start in-person at my new college - I officially started in the fall, but have been all online. I would like to actually meet some of my new classmates

8. Post more book reviews - While I wrote at least a short review on Goodreads for every book I read this year, I would like to be better about really elaborating my thoughts and posting them on here

9. Collect all the critters in Animal Crossings - Bugs, fish, and sea creatures will be mine!

10. Make a dent in my existing physical TBR stack - I've got a couple shelves in my room dedicated to books I own that I want to read, and it would be nice to shave that down


  1. Good luck with your goals. I hope you get some writing in. Since November, I've been trying to write a little (30 minutes to an hour) most days, and I'm making progress on my manuscript.

  2. Good luck with your classes. I hope you do well in them.

    My post.


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