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Interview and Giveaway: The Duchess Hunt by Lorraine Heath

I have got something great for you today! I may recall I reviewed The Duchess Hunt by Lorraine Heath back in April. I got an advanced review copy (ARC) and the book officially comes out today! You can see the review here. I got the opportunity to interview Lorraine, and I couldn't turn it down. I've loved so many of the books she's written, and I wanted to get a peek behind the scenes. Read on for the interview, and make sure to read to the end to enter to win a finished copy of The Duchess Hunt!

The Duchess Hunt
Author: Lorraine Heath
Publisher: Avon
Release: September 28, 2021
Series: Once Upon a Dukedom
Pages: 384


New York Times bestselling author Lorraine Heath continues her Once Upon a Dukedom series with this lush love story of a duke who discovers what he desires in a wife may not be what he needs...

Hugh Brinsley-Norton, the Duke of Kingsland, is in need of a duchess. However, restoring the dukedom—left in ruins by his father—to its former glory demands all his time, with little room for sentiment. He places an advert encouraging the single ladies of the ton to write why they should be the one chosen, and leaves it to his efficient secretary to select his future wife.

If there exists a more unpleasant task in the world than deciding who is to marry the man you love, Penelope Pettypeace certainly can’t imagine what it might be. Still, she is determined to find the perfect bride for her clueless, yet ruthlessly charming employer.

But when an anonymous note threatens to reveal truths best hidden, Kingsland has no choice but to confront the danger with Penelope at his side. Beguiled by the strong-willed, courageous beauty, he realizes he’s willing to risk everything, including his heart, to keep her safe within his arms. Could it be the duchess he’s hunting for has been in front of him all along?

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1. The Duchess Hunt takes place in the same world as your previous series. What are some of your favorite parts about staying in the same sandbox? Does it make some aspects more difficult?

My favorite parts about staying in the same sandbox is that I’ve already researched the time period and have a basic understanding of the historical aspects, although there are always other details to be researched. I also enjoy being able to have cameo appearances by other characters in the same or, sometimes, from different series. Sometimes it does create some difficulty. For example, in Beauty Tempts the Beast, the law governing the confiscation of titles and properties from a nobleman found guilty of treason had changed a few years before the setting of the story. But because I couldn’t change the year that my story took place, I had to write a note at the end explaining how I used literacy license to make the story work, even though it didn’t follow the law at the time.

2. Do you think you'll ever revisit couples in shorts or novellas? Or once you're done with a book do you set those characters aside?

At this point, I don’t see myself revisiting the couples in shorts or novellas, although I’m intrigued by the idea. My challenge is that I have so many characters whose stories I’d like to write that I’d probably prefer to explore their stories.

3. Do you have any writing rituals? For example, snacks you need to eat, a specific thing to have on hand, or music that needs to be playing.

I always write with a thunderstorm playing in the background. It just seems to set the mood for my stories. I prefer to write in a dimly lit room, so I often write late at night. When I write during the day, I never have the blinds open to let in the sun. 

4. There are so many great historical romances coming out this fall. Do you have any you are particularly excited to read?

I’m very much looking forward to Julie Anne Long’s AFTER DARK WITH THE DUKE.

5. What would you do if you could hang out with your characters for 24 hours?

Go to the taverns and pubs in my stories, attend a ball, gossip with the heroines, and waltz with the heroes.

6. If you could invite a handful of your characters to an afternoon tea party, who would you invite?

I would want to invite them all!

7. What are some romances you would recommend for readers who love your books?

Anything written by Julie Ann Long, but if you’ve not read her before, start with the Pennyroyal Green series. DAY OF THE DUCHESS by Sarah MacLean. THE DEVIL OF DOWNTOWN by Joanna Shupe. BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DUKE by Kelly Bowen. ALONG CAME A LADY by Christie Caldwell. A DUKE IN TIME by Janna MacGregor.

8. How do you go about researching historical aspects of your books? Are there certain things that are harder to dig up than others?

The Internet is my friend, but I also have a slew of books that address various aspects of history. Right now, I’m reading UNMENTIONABLE by Therese O’Neill that discusses various aspects of sex, feminine hygiene, hysteria, etc. Yes, some things are more difficult to discover. When I was writing THE DUCHESS IN HIS BED, I couldn’t find any information on what would happen to the widow of a duke who was the last in line to a title and so the title would go extinct. I ended up contacting the registrar at the College of Arms in London who determines when someone is the legitimate heir to a title. He graciously provided me with a good deal of fascinating information about titles and heirs. Part of that information led to the current Once Upon a Dukedom series. 

Thanks so much to Lorraine for answering all my questions! It was so fun to read her answers! Now read on to see how to enter to win a finished copy of The Duchess Hunt!

Author Bio:

Lorraine Heath has always had a soft spot for emotional love stories. No doubt because growing up, watching movies with her mom, she was taught that the best movies "won't half make you cry."​​​​​​​

The author of more than 60 novels, she writes historical and contemporary romance for adults and historical romance for teen readers. Under the names Rachel Hawthorne and Jade Parker, she writes popular contemporary, historical, and paranormal r​​omance for teens readers. She also writes young adult novels with her son under the name J. A. London.

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