Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Whispers at Moonrise by C.C. Hunter

C.C. Hunter, are you trying to kill me? I'm serious, you end the book the way you did then say that we have to wait until an undecided date in the spring for the last book to be released. It's torture lady. I still love you though.

Whispers at Moonrise is the fourth book in the Shadow Falls series. It is by far, the best one yet. I've read so many books, most plots are predictable (like the one I'm reading now, predicted the big reveal with one foreshadowed line), but this one kept me on my toes. I still have absolutely no idea what will happen next. You can tell an author's a good writer when you don't know what will happen next. If we're going by those standards, C.C. Hunter blows all the other authors out of the water.

The main character, Kylie, is a very strong character. I love her best friends Della and Miranda (they're ALWAYS arguing-it's hilarious!). Plus, there's TWO hot guys. I still can't decide, Lucas or Derek, Derek or Lucas. I give this book five stars with all my heart.


Even at a camp for supernatural teens, Kylie Galen has never been normal. Not only can she see ghosts but she doesn't seem to belong to any one species-she exhibits traits of them all. As Kylie struggles to unlock the secrets of her identity, she begins to worry that Lucas will never be able to accept her for who she is, and what she isn't... a werewolf. With his pack standing in their way, Kylie finds herself turning more and more to Derek, the only person in her life who's willing to accept the impossible.

As if life isn't hard enough, she starts getting visits from Holiday, her closest confident. Trouble is, Holiday isn't dead... not yet anyway. Now Kylie must race to save one of her own from an unseen danger before it's too late-all while trying to stop her relationship with Lucas from slipping away forever. In a world of constant confusion, there's only one thing Kylie knows for sure: Change is inevitable and all things must come to an end... maybe even her time at Shadow Falls.

Title: Whispers at Moonrise
Author: C.C. Hunter
Release: October 2, 2012
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Series: Shadow Falls
Pages: 383

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