Monday, December 9, 2013

Liebster Award

What is the Liebster Award? It's a special 'pass it on' sort of chain for beginning bloggers! I was tagged by Stealing Pages!


Link back to the blogger who tagged you.
Answer the questions posted by them.
Nominate other bloggers.
Create a set of questions for these bloggers to answer.

For a more detailed description, click here.

Now, for my answers.

1. What made you start blogging?

I started blogging at my dad's advice. He noted how much I read, and that I loved to meet the authors.  He helped me set up the blog and here I am!

2. What were your opinions on blogging before you began, and how have they changed?

I didn't really know much about blogging before I began. I figured it was an official thing that was for authors and professionals, not little ole' me. Now I have only just begun to realize how large the blogging community is. It's much harder than I anticipated, but it's also loads of fun. It's always interesting to here about new blogs and bloggers. Also, the notion that ARCs even exist. When I learned about them, I was like "what is this awesomeness?" I love them to bits!

3. What do you hate the most about blogging?

The thing I hate most about blogging? Probably the fact that I read more books than I can review! :)

So, that's my post!

Now, for the nominating. I apologize if you've already been nominated. And I have no idea how long you've been blogging, but I'm hoping it hasn't been too long.
Musings of a Blogder @NovaBlogder
The YA Book Butterfly @EmBookButterfly
Reviews Abound @ReviewsAbound

Questions for You:

1. What's your favorite part about blogging?
2. How has blogging affected your day-to-day life?
3. What do you find most useful to blogging?

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