Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Ten Goals/Resolutions for 2015 (Books, Blogging, or Otherwise)

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1. As I said last year, review more of the books I read! I read a lot, but most of the books never even show up on the blog. Why? Cause I'm lazy.

2. Read more of the ARCs I get. I have a ton of ARCs from various resources, and I really want to read more of them.

3. Make a system, table or otherwise, for organizing books that I've read and reviewed, read and need to review, and need to read. This is fairly self-explanatory, but I'll find that I forgot that I read but didn't review books.

4. Make room for new books/giveaway old ones. I am a book hoarder by all means. To be fair, they're either books I love or books I want to read, but still. There's 650 of them on my shelves. I am completely and absolutely out of space, and so I need to figure out a new way to make space. That's not stacking them on the floor.

5. Blog more in generally, especially fun posts. Most of the stuff on the blog is memes and reviews, but I notice when I do a special or original post, it gets a lot more interactions, which is part of my goal with blogging (besides plain ole expressing my love of books).

6. Check out other blogs more. Besides a few blogs that I check out on a semi-regular basis, I don't interact with many bloggers outside of Twitter. That said, I follow a billion blogs by email, so I really just need to actually click the links.

7. Finish various series' that I've been meaning to finish but haven't. For example, The Wolves of Mercy Falls. I have all the books, but haven't read them all yet. Also, the Watersong series, The Hollows series (which my family calls the tomato books), and the Defiance trilogy to name a few.

8. Do more quotes and images. You might have noticed if you follow on Twitter that I will make quote art from time to time. It's actually super fun to do and I really want to do more of it!

9. Read 200 books. So, in the next day, I need to finish the book I'm reading to hit 200. My goal is to hit 200 again next year, which I hopefully will be able to do.

10. Write more. Along with everything else, I'm attempting to write various novels. Of the two main ones, I wrote one during last year's NaNoWriMo that now needs editing and the other I've been working on for four years and the first draft still isn't finished. Well, technically, I'm on the second draft, as I got 20k in to the first one and realized it was going in the absolute wrong direction and had to rewrite it.

So, those are my resolutions! What are yours?

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